Do we send item worldwide ?

yes we do


Can you customize the invoice?

yes , we can change the invoice for custom office . For example , you buy item from us 10 dollars , we can put in the invoice for just 3 dollars or lower depend on your request.


Do you drop shipping ?

No , we don't 


How long is the shipping time ?

it depend on which method you choose. For small order , we recommend to send express shipping . After we received your order we will let you know how long it take for production. 

Do you have tracking number ?

yes , we will provide tracking number for all our shipment . you can track them online 


Shipping by AIR


How we send your order


we can send the order to you door to door or send to your port country .

if you you choose to send door to door  we have 3 different way 

  • Express shipping , it usually take about 5 to 7 days and depend on which country
  • Airmail shipping , it usually take about 3 weeks 
  • Surface mail , it usually take about 2 to 3 months 

After we know your location and amount of item you order , we will give you the quote price for shipping 


 Example for the door to door shipping 

The box  in the photo will fit in 64 sets of cotton ball string light

Shipping to Norway , Sweden and Europe

Express shipping =  255 dollars  ( 7days)

Airmail shipping = 200 dollars ( 3 weeks)

Shipping to USA and Canada 

Express shipping =  315 dollars  ( 7days)

Airmail shipping = 185 dollars ( 3 weeks)

Shipping by sea 


For sending by sea , it is for large amount order .

- let us know the port that you want us to send to .

- we will give you the shipping price within 24 hrs .

- If you have your own shipping company , we can use your shipping company .